Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 3 (First Draft)


Welcome to another terrible first draft! It’s all here today: lack of description! Out of character moments! Grammatical horrors! And the B.S. method that I named after myself makes a thrilling return!

But man, I am seeing the potential. Once I’m done revising this book it’s gonna be sweet. So let’s get started! I’m gonna make this the best chapter about time-traveling and forgetting your wallet EVER! Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 2 (Second Draft)


Lots of tiny changes this time, along with the addition of Mean’s stop by the hotel where she lives. I never really explained why she lived at a hotel in the first story; she just kinda ran off there after chapter nine. But there’s a reason for waiting until now to tell you: I believe that information should always come at its proper time. A revelation–no matter how tiny–can change everything you feel about a character. Everything. Continue reading

Music: Abandonment Party 2 (Chapter 2)



Going down my playlist I see a song from Portal 2. That means I need to put a spoiler warning here for my cousins Nathan and Trae. Yeah, they still haven’t beaten the first game. Not that I think being spoiled for a story ruins it. It won’t ruin a well-constructed story, anyway. Actually, you know what, guys? I changed my mind; go ahead. Spoil away. Maybe it will get you interested enough to FINALLY find the time to play through the game. A game that will take you less time to complete than it takes to put on that full-makeup Darth Maul costume you’re always wearing. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 2 (First Draft)


The quest has been offered! Will Mean and her friends rise to the challenge!? Or will they find out that everything Pinada said was made up? That sure would suck, because this chapter is a long one! I was going to split it up between blog posts, but I really didn’t want this to take a million zillion years.

Now–! Time to look this over, and to make it the best chapter about looking for time machines that may or may not be in a cave on another planet that it can be! Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 1 (Second Draft)


I prefer using the “show, don’t tell” method, and I think it’s time for me to explain why. Here’s the gist of the method: you show the story through the actions of the characters, as opposed to having the author tell the reader everything they need to know.

For example, here’s the first half of this chapter using the “telling” method:

Sing’s comet was halted, and the planet saved. Yet the traitor was not killed that day; he had found a new home and a new life. Five years later he sat comfortably with his friends at a cliff-side café, wearing a new body and a new continence that was free of malice and hate.

Dark sat at his right, wearing his ever-present suit of armor–along with a store-bought cape, courtesy of Mean. Darrow arrived late of course, with his flowery shirt and his scatter-brained attempts at impressing the waitresses with magic.

But this day would be special. This day, an old friend would fall from the sky….

Wow! How efficient. I made the first part of the chapter like, five times shorter! Looks like the “tell” method works great, right? So why don’t I like using it? Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 1 (First Draft)


BOOM! Prologue down! Now it’s time to start writing bits that are longer than two pages! But how? Some writers say that starting off a book can be the toughest part. What do I write? What ideas should I use to begin?

Ha,ha,ha, who cares!? I just put down every single idea that I have. This chapter–THIS CHAPTER–has a massive dose of my “Brad Smith method.” Things will be uttered that people who read the FIRST book wouldn’t even understand. But don’t worry; I will work hard to correct it. I will make this the shimmering masterpiece about awkward meetings at cliff-side cafés that I know it can be. Continue reading