Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 6 (First Draft)



The previous chapter didn’t need too much work. Just a few descriptions made clearer, dialog neatened, and a couple names switched around. Not too bad!

Well there’s no time to congratulate myself–THIS chapter is a nightmare. You are about to witness pure horror. A jumble of garbage drenched in crappy ideas. THIS is the reason I started this log: to show other writers that horrible first drafts exist.

But they can be saved! They can be snatched from the brink of the toilet bowl and fixed.

So here I go. As embarrassing as this is, I need to put it up. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 5 (Second Draft)


I gotta tell you–I love tournament plots.

I played the card game Yu-gi-oh! for a while, and I enjoyed going to the tournaments. At the larger ones I never knew who I’d see. Would I go up against a clean-cut family man? A kid whose parents bought him all the best cards? Or would it be a guy trying to psych me out by wearing orange mental ward clothes?

Part of the fun was seeing how people with different personalities interact in a similar setting. This works for characters in fiction as well, and when I started writing these books I knew I wanted to do a tournament. Of course, the plot always comes first. Everything must have a purpose in my story; I wouldn’t add all of this for no reason.

But it sure is fun having an excuse for friendly characters to knock the crap out of each other!
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Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 5 (First Draft)

IMG_1170The tournament begins! Who will Trisk, Dark, Vornis, and Mean go up against? Well you won’t find out–I decided to change two of the starting placements after I wrote the draft!

But don’t worry: I saw Wreck-it Ralph at Kim’s house last weekend. And like Ralph, I will slog through a taffy mire of rushed writing to fix things. I will break down the pastry cars of literature and build them up again to make this the best chapter about listing competitor names ever. Continue reading

Music: Abandonment Party 2 (Chapter 4)


Look, I like themes. I take themes used for characters in movies or games, and put them in my playlist to represent MY characters. Yet some may ask: “Brad, if a piece of music represents a character in a game AND in your story, how can you keep the two separate?” Fair question, right? I mean, what if I let the original character’s personality bleed into my own on accident? Well, here’s what I do. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 4 (First Draft)



A curious notion has become reality. Mean and her friends have been propelled into events that will be difficult to escape. As new characters continue to pop up, known characters receive drastic changes.

I’ve also gone three chapters without having a battle, chase, or cataclysmic event! CAN I hold the plot together without such devices? Does fortune favor the bold? Is it in the pipe, five by five? Join me for Abandonment Party 2, chapter four. Also, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm comes out next week. And I stink playing Zerg. 🙁 Continue reading