Music: Abandonment Party 2 (Chapter 4)


Look, I like themes. I take themes used for characters in movies or games, and put them in my playlist to represent MY characters. Yet some may ask: “Brad, if a piece of music represents a character in a game AND in your story, how can you keep the two separate?” Fair question, right? I mean, what if I let the original character’s personality bleed into my own on accident? Well, here’s what I do.

I just realize I have the mental capacity to differentiate between the two! Simple! 😉

Next on my playlist I have music for Parlay. While Parlay isn’t a new character, I think the past and future versions are distinct enough to merit their own themes. To represent the female version in the past, I use this song from Tales of Symphonia:

In the game, this song is used for a villain named Mithos. Wow, what a tame theme for a bad guy, right? Not quite. He disguises himself as a child to infiltrate the hero’s party. The music above plays whenever he appears as his meek, child-like persona.

But whenever he appears in his villainous, adult form a more powerful variation of that gentle theme plays. It is that theme I use for the male, future version of Parlay:

I use these songs to represent the same person at different points in their life. In the past Parlay is kind and timid; in the future he is an arrogant, bitter foe. Listening to the songs helps me get my mind focused to write for him/her. I’m having fun coming up with what happens in between to cause such a change between the two personas. LITERATURE!

Oh, hey, wow, I also found an 8-bit version of Mithos’ theme:

Is that amazing or what? Nice job, Tsuki Suzumiya. I think I’ll use this as inspiration for Abandonment Party 3‘s future-FUTURE version of Parlay, where he teams up with the last of the Belmonts to defeat Dracula.

And yes, both Mithos and my character have blond hair. Total coincidence. AND they’re both self-rightous jerks that want to shape the world. But c’mon. At least I didn’t give Parlay bellbottoms and butterfly wings. :/

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