Music! Character: Donzel


It’s around this point in the story that my playlist has a bit of a gap. I hadn’t realized what Templetine’s personality would be, so finding a theme to fit him was impossible. And I flat out couldn’t find any music to represent Caldera or Donzel. It wasn’t until recently that I found anything that came close, in a Wii game called The Last Story.

This is “Fallen Nobles” by Nobuo Uematsu. In the game this theme represents the nobleman Jirall. He starts out betrothed to a princess and poised to inherit the kingdom’s throne. The poor guy has a string of back luck after that though: Before the game is done he’s lost the girl to the player-controlled hero, framed for treason, and thrown into jail. The music captures his decline quite well–I only wish that the game had played it longer than fifteen seconds. :/

Now, my character Donzel isn’t really in the same situation, but he’s still a noble character that has had his pride challenged. And the kick-ass battle theme that comes next is just too good to be wasted:

This is “Invitation to Madness,” and holy CRAP this is the perfect song for a battle with a crazed, sword-wielding nobleman. Who’d ever guess that violins and electric guitars could create such harmony together? I think it works for my Vornis/Donzel battle, but MAN it is just perfect for the boss fight in the game:

Skip to one minute to see Jirall talk like your standard bad guy. At two minutes his sanity starts to waver. Then at three the battle starts and he flips out in full force, gibbering like a lunatic the entire time. I think it’s funny that Jirall starts the fight by LEAPING about twenty feet into the air. Donzel also does this in my story–but he had a gravity-altering sword! What’s Jirall got!? Spring boots!?

I actually love the wild feats that characters perform in games, and I try to think of ways for my characters to perform similar moves. I have to make sure it fits with the rules of my world, though. For example, I always wondered how the characters of Final Fantasy and other role-playing games are able to wield such gigantic swords.



I mean seriously. How does that scrawny guy even swing that around? That’s when I started thinking about the gravity magic that people use in Abandonment Party. If it can be used to move objects, why not something like a weapon? Why not use the rules of my universe to make this outrageous thing possible?

Man, I have GOT to find some miniature tape recorders so that I can leave these great quotes everywhere.

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