Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 13 (First Draft)


Chapters like this remind me why I like writing so much. Here, I was faced with another situation with the character Templetine. I couldn’t think up anything to define his character in the first draft, so I just used my “B.S. Method” to move the story along. “No problem” I say to myself. “I have months before I need to think of anything.”

But guess what? Those months went by. I got all the way around to this chapter again and I hadn’t thought of anything new. THEN! A few weeks ago an idea hit me. Something that worked and expanded upon the factors that were already in place. I was on my way to the shower or something and I just continued to pace there, pondering that wonderful, amazing idea that had escaped me until that very moment.

THOSE are the moments I live for. Those moments when I realize that the crappy parts of my story CAN be fixed, and that something better will rise up from it.

I probably should have saved that speech for the next blog entry where I actually show you the idea, huh?

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Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 11 (Second Draft)


Are you ready for more talking!? Are you ready to watch magical invertibrates roll around in numerous flames!? Yeah, I thought so!

In this chapter I use two locations from the first book: Stone Rory Refuge and Hilo Water Plaza. Like “Cot’s Bar” from before, these places were empty in the future. Desolate! Vacant! But now, to reward the three people that read the first story, I will reveal what these locations were like in the past! Yes, that’s right, Matt. No need to strain your imagination any longer. Brad his here to save you. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 12 (First Draft)


Twelve begins where the second draft of 10 leaves off, making it a great base for the new chapter 11. That means that the two draft’s chapter numbers will be out of synch from now on–but hey! It just means I’m doing my job and slicing out all the crap to make the story more concise. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 11 (First Draft)

IMG_1170Well, this is going to be short. There’s no point in going over the “choice edits” here; everything in this chapter has been incorporated into the second draft already. I’ll just continue on and review chapter 12, which will become chapter 11 for the second draft.

I will put the entire chapter up after the break, though; I want the first draft to be complete for anyone that wants to study it. I’ve heard that the creative writing classes at Dartmouth college have already added this site as mandatory reading. They had to toss out George Orwell to make room for me in their curriculum, but I’m pretty sure we’ve learned everything there is to know about Animal Farm. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 10 (Second Draft)


Kim, guess what!? Something in this chapter–taken from the first draft I wrote a year ago–JUST sort-of happened in the recent episode of Doctor Who. Kind of like how you saw one of your story ideas used in Lord of the Rings. But don’t worry; I have some fantastic advice for you to use when that sort of thing happens. So DON’T erase your entire trilogy in a disappointed rage. I hope I caught you in time.

Alright, back to chapter ten. I decided to replace all the discussions with thrilling battles! What a shock. I took Jelk’s match from the first draft of chapter 9, along with Dark’s match from the first draft of chapter 11. I will find time for the characters to sit down and talk soon, I swear. Continue reading