Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 15 (First Draft)


My friend Matt told me that he was getting a bit confused reading the drafts together like this. I think it’s good in a way; it means that there is a noticeable difference between the two. On the other hand, the details that I erase or add are all getting mixed up in his brain. They’re like parallel dimensions and he’s jumping between them.

See, isn’t that cool, Matt? You’re like that Quantum Leap guy! Or the Bioshock Infinite dude! You should be thanking me for making your life so THRILLING!

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Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 13 (Second Draft)


I’m just going to outright say that I’m pleased with how Trisk’s conversation with Tenny turned out in this draft. It’s a romantic scene. And if I’m an authority on anything–it would be on romances that are troubled, awkward, unrealistic, or flat-out doomed.

You see, although I am single I have experienced the quiet talks in the dark that frequently occur before a relationship begins. It’s one of the most memorable times, I think. And no matter how things end up with the other person, it is something I never forget.

Because it can be the start of something dream-like and wonderful. It can also be the death of your lofty expectations.

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Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 14 (First Draft)


Okay. This is good. From what I can see this chapter doesn’t need too much work. There are adjustments to be made here, sure–but they’re my favorite kind. Conversations!

I spent most of my life not having conversations with anyone, you know. The only people I talked to were my brother and friends and the psychiatrist that tried to figure out why I couldn’t speak to other people.

I think that might be why I love writing dialog so much: it’s something that’s always perplexed me. I would see individuals speaking with each other with such apparent ease. How did they do it? WHY did they do it? Conversation may not be as strange as magic, but it still has a fantastic quality. I’ve learned that people are always using their imagination when it comes to speech, thinking “if only I would have thought of saying that” or “I wish I had the guts to speak my mind.”

Through writing I get to have all the conversations I want. I can say outrageous things. Audacious things. It’s wonderful. 😉

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Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 12 (Second Draft)


Tornados! Birthdays! Friends that need moved into new houses! Those things happen, and they DEMAND my time. Will I let that stop me from writing my chapters!? NO! NEVER!

But will they stop me from coming up with an elaborate intro for this post? Ha! Of course they will.

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