Abandonment Party 2 Music: Tenny’s Gang



Inspirational playlist! This time I use the song–not as a theme for one person–but for the entire group he’s associated with! Yes, it is the essence of “Tenny’s group.” Or–shoot–what did I call them? Tenny’s Gang? Whatever, they’re the ones wearing sweaters.


This is “Valley of the Fallen Star” from Final Fantasy 7. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Again. What, you want me to use contemporary music!? Pfft.

In the game, that song plays in Cosmo Canyon. It’s a town that’s separated from the other high-tech cities of the world. It is a place of nature-lovers, pacifists, and floating amputee scientists.

That’s why I think the music fits Tenny and his gang; they practice their arts in the seclusion of their tower, after all. Well, besides all the time they spend hanging out at extremely public world tournaments.

For the quiet talk that Tenny and Trisk have in the original tower, I use a more serious composition of the same song, titled “The Great Warrior.” Get ready. This is super-serious.

Yeah, it’s sad, right? In the game this plays during a scene where a talking mutant wolf named Red XIII mourns his father that’s been turned to stone for some reason. I seriously can’t remember all the details but man. The statue cries or something.

You know, speaking of the beast Red XIII, I just realized that I don’t have any music for Vornis on my playlist! Matt, any ideas? Barry White, perhaps? That’s the sole reason contemporary even EXISTS, man.

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