Music: Abandonment Party 2, Chapter 14


In this chapter Parlay got serious. And you know what the most serious instrument is? A bell! Time for dinner! Someone’s at the door! You need to revert to your hidden persona and use your magical conduit to blast someone! Yeah! That’s what bells mean.

This song is from Tales of Symphonia. It’s called “Beat the Angel.” I must have been hypnotized by that title; I used something similar when I named the chapter’s first draft.

But the song is still amazing. It’s more urgent than ominous, and that’s why I think it represents Mean’s match with Parlay so well. I mean, c’mon! There’s no life or death at stake here. It’s just a hint at what Parlay will become, and Mean’s future struggle to stop him.

For THOSE scenes I used death metal songs with plenty of electric guitars, don’t worry.

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