Music: Whittler’s Post-Tournament Manifestation



I have an idea: I will start naming these music posts after the EVENT that occurs in the chapter! Because numbers are boring to me, and words are so much more thrilling! It took me nine months to remember that.

What happens when you write a chapter with a battle that involves thousands of swords!? Why you use Sephiroth’s theme song of course! And not just any version–the MOVIE version! Matt got me Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for my birthday one year. The plot wasn’t that great, but the fight at the end sure kicked major ass!

No, I didn’t link the fight itself. If I had to sit through the movie to see it–so do you. Now let’s see. The song that plays during Cloud’s battle with Sephiroth is called “Sairin Kata Tsubasa No Tenshi.” It’s a remix of “One-Winged Angel” so I’m assuming that’s what the japanese words mean.

I also just noticed something in that video: Jenova’s mask looks a lot like Whittler’s clay face from my chapter. It’s a total coincidence, though. Whittler was brown in the first draft, and I only changed the color to white so that the cracks and wrinkles would be more visible. Yes, I have THAT MUCH faith in your imagination.

It is also an expression of her character: Whittler enjoys taking pure things and twisting them until they’re ugly and warped. Much like the people producing the Final Fantasy games nowadays.

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