Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 29 (First Draft)

The final chapter!?

Well, here it is: the final chapter of the book. It always seems so far away when I start a draft and see that empty folder with a lonely file named “Prologue.” But that’s how it gets done: I just work at it every day until I reach the goal. And before I know it a year has passed and I’m sitting at my desk staring at a folder full of literary goodness.

Man, this is inspirational stuff. I sure hope an uncertain kid stumbles upon this blog someday. He’ll be searching for his purpose in life and then he’ll read this. It’ll probably motivate him to go explore Mars or something. Continue reading

Abandonment Party 2: Chapter 27 (Second Draft)


My web hosting service has been blocking my access! To my own site! Can you believe that? I paid five bucks for this; how dare they! Oh! And then–! I was trying to post this last night and I got an error. Guess what? They MOVED my site. Because of them I wasn’t able to post! I was forced to spend my time playing video games instead. But fear not! My genius friend Matt fixed the problem. The games he plays are boring; it was easier for him to find time for it. (Something about farming in space. Who knows.)

Now I’m back. I can’t stop now–not after I’ve come so far. This draft must end! Convoluted explanations must be simplified! Aftermaths must be realized! Romantic scenes must not sound as if they belong in Twilight! Onward! Continue reading