Music: Parlay’s Burial



No, not her body’s burial. Although Parlay has had two funeral scenes so you think I’d have music for those, but I don’t. What I’m talking about is her MENTAL burial in chapter 23. The part where she snaps. The moment when she convinces herself that everything she’s done in her life was a waste. Those long years of being kind; being patient while the world rejected her. All that time was for nothing.

By the way, my friend Matt is having his 36th birthday this week! Happy birthday, man! I hope you enjoy this music that I found to embody the rage and pain of a life full of endless frustration!

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Music: Pinada’s Worldwide Erasure



Time for the “end of the world” music! I’ve been waiting for this. This is evil, evil music for destruction and betrayal. It all happens in chapters 21 and 22 of the second book. I’m also not going to put the numbers in the blog entry title anymore. Why bore you with that when I can have a thrilling description of the scene instead! Continue reading