Music: Pinada’s Worldwide Erasure



Time for the “end of the world” music! I’ve been waiting for this. This is evil, evil music for destruction and betrayal. It all happens in chapters 21 and 22 of the second book. I’m also not going to put the numbers in the blog entry title anymore. Why bore you with that when I can have a thrilling description of the scene instead!


This first one is a theme from Final Fantasy 9 called “Immoral Rhythm.” The lead-in is a slow, sinister pipe organ transitioning to a violin melody. I figured this is the type of music you’d want if you were about to tell everyone in the world that they were going to die and that all their faith in you had been foolishly misplaced.

In the game this music plays during Kuja’s hammy speeches. He’s usually standing in a tree talking to himself, but it’s still a speech.

Now what music goes with the actual event of ‘worldwide erasure?’

“Metamorphosis” from Final Fantasy 6. If you’ve played the game and witnessed the scene you KNOW there is no other music that more perfectly captures the “end of the world” than this. When the Day of Judgement comes as foretold in the book of Revelation, the angels will be heralding the end with this song. With actual trumpets as opposed to a MIDI sound file, hopefully.

The next song is a more recent addition. After everyone vanishes, the remaining characters struggle to defeat Pinada. Tome even blows up a mountain. And yet it is a fight that can not be won. You might even say that it is unable to be completed.

It is “Unfinished Battle” from Xenoblade Chronicles. In the game, it is played in a hopeless fight against an invincible foe. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what happens in my story! Thanks, Yoko Shimomura! You found the ONE situation that a Final Fantasy game didn’t have a song for!

But you know what Final Fantasy DOES have an answer for? “The villain has just defeated everyone and struts away like a badass.”

I tossed this song in to represent the part where my character, Pinada, takes off his glass case to bask in his victory after ridding the world of everyone. It is “Kuja Leaving Burmecia,” and it is the very sound of decadent revelry.

There’s something silly about that video, though. You see how Kuja is looking down on everyone? They’re all lying there and he’s like “I just kicked your asses, you wimps. I am amazing.”

Well he didn’t even do anything! The battle before that video is against someone else named Beatrix! Kuja was standing off-screen the whole time while someone ELSE fought the heroes! And yet he stands there, gloating for no reason. What a crock. >:(

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