Abandonment Party 3: Prologue (First Draft)

The final chapter!?


Might as well get started on the third book! Sure, the second one needs a final revising, but hey–I feel like doing this instead. Actually, I was also thinking about taking a break to look for a publisher or something. But I just remembered that I have no idea how to do that! It probably involves sending emails to people and kissing up to cigar-chomping businessmen. Besides, who needs money!? Not when I have WORDS! BEAUTIFUL WORDS!

So here it is: first draft of Abandonment Party 3. I won’t be going into detail at the bottom like usual; there will be no “choice edits,” just some simple notes. What’s this? You’re crying? Oh, I’m sorry! Let me explain. When I put up the first drafts for ‘AP2’–as it’s known in the ‘hood–those chapters had already been done for while. I needed to examine with great gusto all the garbage I had written in order to make a glimmering second draft that even Pinada could be proud of.

But this here? I just started! I wrote everything yesterday! The goal is to finish–that’s it! I believe a first draft must be completed without looking back! I need to put down any idea I can think of! And then move on. If I stop to scrutinize all the details in my little blog here then I’d never get done. So! Enough pointless words! Let us begin!


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Music: Ending, Aftermath, and the Wicked Epilogue


Now for the final pieces of my Abandonment Party 2 soundtrack. You should know what this means: It’s time to say goodbye to the characters. It’s time to resolve any loose ends. Now, there are many sources I could pull from to inspire such feelings. Movies have lengthy songs during the credits. Broadway musicals have epic scores and reprises.

But I think I’ll ignore all of that and just use video game music instead. Don’t get me wrong; I had some great runner-ups! From many, many classic works! But I just felt that the ending credits song of “T.U.R.T.L.E. Power” from the Ninja Turtle movie wasn’t quite poignant enough. Continue reading

Music: The Thrilling Finale


I’ve already admitted that I listen to a playlist of music to inspire my writing; I have songs to represent certain chapters and scenes. What I haven’t admitted is that I listen to the “finale” songs about twice as much as the others. And I probably think about the books’ endings twice as much too.

Is this unproductive behavior? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I believe that focusing on the goal helps spur the earlier writing along. As long as the goal is FANTASTIC and EXCITING, that is. If the ending isn’t worthy of the trip then why bother? Yeah, you heard me! “The journey is the reward?” C’mon, why stop there? Not only should the journey be a reward but the end as well!

Now let’s get to the four songs, and I promise: only ONE is from a Final Fantasy game.

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