Music: Ending, Aftermath, and the Wicked Epilogue


Now for the final pieces of my Abandonment Party 2 soundtrack. You should know what this means: It’s time to say goodbye to the characters. It’s time to resolve any loose ends. Now, there are many sources I could pull from to inspire such feelings. Movies have lengthy songs during the credits. Broadway musicals have epic scores and reprises.

But I think I’ll ignore all of that and just use video game music instead. Don’t get me wrong; I had some great runner-ups! From many, many classic works! But I just felt that the ending credits song of “T.U.R.T.L.E. Power” from the Ninja Turtle movie wasn’t quite poignant enough.

This is from Baten Kaitos Origins. The piece is composed by Matoi Sakuraba. I have no freaking clue what that picture is on the You Tube channel; at no point in the game does a giant mech request a ballroom dance from an angel.

I use this ending song for chapter 27, where Dark and Mean have their own quiet reunion. It’s a pleasant melody, well-suited for a scene where two people wind down after the most action-packed and intense finale ever conceived by mortal minds.

This is also from Baten Kaitos Origins. “The Shadow of the Moon on the Water,” also by Sakuraba. In the game this plays immediately after the previous song and through the end credits. I doubt you’ll listen to all seven-plus minutes so I’ll sum it up for you: The pain of loss. A joyful gathering. Children raising their voices in heavenly chorus. And the realization of a more hopeful future.

See, Baten Kaitos Origins is a prequel. And––similar to the story I’m telling––some of its characters will continue their adventures. Some will appear in the next tale. And I’m sure they’ll be much wiser from the experiences they’ve shared––with you. ::winks::

Well, that’s enough sappy optimism for now. Cue the pipe organs! Bring out the villains with their fiendish plots!

This song is “Heresy” from Final Fantasy IIX. It doesn’t play during that game’s epilogue but it sure works for mine. Who are these antagonists revealed from the shadows? What is their vile plan? And what base desires could possibly motivate these heartless devils?

Stay tuned for Abandonment Party 3: The Quest to Get Published!

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