Music: The Thrilling Finale


I’ve already admitted that I listen to a playlist of music to inspire my writing; I have songs to represent certain chapters and scenes. What I haven’t admitted is that I listen to the “finale” songs about twice as much as the others. And I probably think about the books’ endings twice as much too.

Is this unproductive behavior? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I believe that focusing on the goal helps spur the earlier writing along. As long as the goal is FANTASTIC and EXCITING, that is. If the ending isn’t worthy of the trip then why bother? Yeah, you heard me! “The journey is the reward?” C’mon, why stop there? Not only should the journey be a reward but the end as well!

Now let’s get to the four songs, and I promise: only ONE is from a Final Fantasy game.

Chapter 24 starts off with a desperate flight to the mine! The world has been doomed! Pinada is running wild! And Mean is making a desperate attempt to defeat his vile plan! Oooooh, how exciting!

This song is “On the Tightrope” from Tales of Symphonia. It’s adrenaline! Tension! A killer on your heels as you race for that one shot of survival!

Or in the game’s case it’s when an angel that said he was your father reveals that–he isn’t! Zounds!

Moving on to chapter 24.

This is the sound of tragedy. As Dark’s attempt to defeat Pinada backfires, he is stabbed through the chest and pinned to a pillar. Mean, held in place by her own gravity power, is subjected to Pinada’s sadistic torture. As the two friends believe their final moments are at hand, the truth of their untold feelings are laid bare.

It sounds kind of corny describing it like that, but that’s why I wrote the chapter without my personal narration. So there.

This song is from an old SNES game called Breath of Fire. “Alan and Cerl Forever” is what the music’s called. And I seriously can’t remember ANYthing about the game but this song. The rest of the game was that bad or maybe the song’s just that good.

Hm, so how did the story go? I think Cerl was a monster, and Alan was her boyfriend from when she was a human. He was trying to get her to stop killing people. She realizes that she still loves him, and blows herself once she realizes how horrible she’s become. Maybe that wasn’t quite what happened. It’s been like twenty years since I’ve played it; give me a break. But I do know that you can go back into the village afterward to hear this music playing through the empty streets. 🙁

Alright here’s the usual Final Fantasy song as promised. “Dark Messenger” from Final Fantasy IX. It’s Kuja’s final boss theme and I’ve been using his music for Pinada in my head–so hey! Why not use it here for the final struggle? It starts in chapter 25 and continues in 26 so why limit myself to just one song? Let’s have another!

This one is more heroic: “One Who Gets In Our Way” from Xenoblade Chronicles. Is there a more perfect song to express the struggle of three friends against one invincible lunatic? One chance! One last gamble with everything on the line! You’re in our way, pal! Time to take you out!

And here’s some French dude playing the same thing with his electric guitar. Whoa, holy crap–look at all those Dragon Ball Z posters on the wall behind him! If watching THAT guy with THAT music doesn’t inspire you to write the most heroic, action-packed finale in the universe I don’t know what will! YES! MORE! LOUDER! FASTER!



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