Abandonment Party 3: Chapter 18 (First Draft)


I’ve attended two parties last month. Now, I’m not much of a “socializer,” but during these events the topic of my writing usually comes up. And while I could talk all night about storytelling methods and semicolon uses, most people don’t give two poops about that.

“Brad, you need to go to a publisher!” “Brad, some guy sold a million copies of his book on Amazon!”

Stuff like that. “Get famous” stuff. I don’t really care about that, but something did come up that caught my interest: book covers! I need one, and my cover is still terrible! But leave it to Matt’s brother Stephen to give me a lead.

He told me of a place where I could find someone to illustrate a cover for me. Check it out: Deviant Art Job Offer Forum!

Do you see that? People just put up a job and these guys come running! Character design, book covers, logos–they do it all! Some of these guys don’t look that great, but others seem pretty amazing.

But that got me thinking: man, how come there’s no place like that for me!? Why isn’t there some bulletin board for writers!?

JOB WANTED – I require a written tale where multiple characters smash each others’ faces in with gravity powers and massive glass sheets. Also: explosions and giant, hairy monsters wrestling each other.

Does a place like that exist!? Somebody throw me a bone, here!
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