Abandonment Party 3: Chapter 21 (First Draft)

First Draft


Aw yeah did you hear the news from Comic Con? Batman and Superman! In the SAME film! Zounds, that almost never happens! Well, maybe once a year in each of their comic titles. And the “Worlds’ Finest” one-shots. And every issue and episode of Justice League of America ever. But otherwise this is new and exciting!

Yeah, right. What’s with these people, recycling material all the time!? There’s a Suicide Squad movie now too? Forget the comics; DC just released an animated version with most of the same team. How will this film be any better now that we have Will Smith playing Deadshot? Oh. OH. But THIS Joker has tattoos. Gosh, I can’t WAIT for the Inkmaster tie-in this season.

I’ll probably go see it but man, I can’t even get excited about movies anymore. My friend Matt told me he was going to see the latest Terminator the other night and I didn’t even blink. Okay. Whatever. So there’s another one. It’s just absurd. For crying out loud–I live in a world where they’re still making Star Wars films. Yeah, I saw the trailer. The ‘making of’ video. “We’re using real actors with practical special effects.” Oh, you mean like when you made these movies with the same cast members THREE DECADES AGO!?

I’ve mentioned this before, but this is one of the reasons I decided to write the Abandonment Party books: I needed something original to experience. So enjoy this chapter where the main heroes gather together against Shirka for the, um, what is it? Third time? Eh, ha,ha,ha,ha…. Continue reading