Father’s Day Error

I gave Dad a couple of presents last Sunday: a candle and a plant. He returned the favor by finding an error in my book, Abandonment Party:

  • Mean laughed as she reached for the laptop’s handle. “No, and I just remembered that I left the front door open. I’ll come by that Stone Rory place later and tell you what I find.”

‘Laptop’ should be ‘lugtop.’ This book-wide switcheroo is a late change that Kim convinced me to make. She told me that ‘laptop’ wasn’t good enough. These were government-made computing machines, after all! Gifts for the abandoned. Unwieldly and heavy, but with the added benefit of superior battery life and transmission range.

Ah, they also have ANOTHER great feature:

Spoilers for chapter 10!

Spyware that records the personal activities of anyone using the device! (As if I had to make this a spoiler. You probably figured it out in the prologue. ‘Oh, the government is giving the settlers free laptops. Nothing strange there.’ 😑


So I named them all ‘lugtop’ to distinguish them from the ONE other different type of laptop computer that appears in the book.

So I fixed the error with the magic of online ebooks. I’m sure no one else noticed. Thank you, Father! Your endless criticism has finally come in handy! 😅


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