The First Professional Review! Bookviralreviews Reviews the Viral Book!

Well, ‘viral’ in that the book has a virus mentioned in the first chapter. 😅 But enough jests! At long last, my book is reviewed by a critique website! Behold:

See, here’s why I’ve been wanting a review: I can’t be the one to tell you why Abandonment Party is good. My job as an author is to show, not tell. Any noob knows that. But a critic’s skill is the opposite: they TELL without showing. They practice telling, while I’ve been trained to avoid doing that at all costs. It just feels wrong to me! And of COURSE I would say the book is amazing; I’m biased. (It is amazing, though.)

But this Bookviralreviews critic CAN tell you why Abandonment Party is great. And wow, do they ever tell! It’s like they’ve cracked my entire storytelling philosophy in a way that’s worthy to be chiseled in stone and set above my laptop. I couldn’t articulate my method in such a concise fashion. Usually when someone asks me what my book is about I’m just like ‘It’s good, trust me!”

And that… doesn’t get them to read the book.

But now, a critic has done all that work for me! NOW when someone asks about my novel I’ll take out my pipe, light it, put on a British accent, and say:

I don’t own a pipe yet so please use this picture of Rowan Atkinson to aid your imagination.

“Why, Abandonment Party notably blends the requisite elements of action and adventure!”

Then I’ll take a puff, direct the pipe’s lip at the other person and say:

“WITH the farsightedness of science fiction, might I add!”

So thanks,! I recommend your services to everyone in the world!

Next, I think I’ll put up some reader reviews. I see a new one on Amazon right now. Can’t keep my customers waiting, now can I? 😉

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