AP2 Update: May 2023

I’m almost done with the 4th draft of chapter 15. Let’s get the vague poem that describes the contents going:

Today a school of fish are spied;

the angler grins, his hair now dyed;

hungrily one takes the bait;

soon three more flop to their plates;

a fifth is steamed, one more is fried;

the seventh lets the first inside.

Man, it’s been tough finding time to write this month. First there was my birthday on the ninth, THEN my brother’s on the 29th. My grandma (Nanny) was visiting for a few weeks, too.

Of course, there was also big news in the video game world: Tears of the Kingdom came out. Sheesh, talk about distractions; this game has mastered the art of ‘What’s that over there? Did you run over to see what it is? Whaddya know—now there’s something else interesting nearby! Better go check it out, sucker!’

And so it goes. The game is a massive chain reaction of silly things to do. You start off by escorting a talking bean to his friend, then that leads to an enemy camp of lizard dudes, and before you know it you’re dive-bombing a Chinese dragon from a makeshift helicopter before it can escape into the infested underworld.

Wow! I bet you’d like to see a screenshot of that! Let me go find it.

Hm, I must have misplaced it. This underpants guy was pretty neat though. Story of my life, right? Ha,ha yeah. I’ll see you later. 😅

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