Abandonment Party 2 Update

30 chapters of Abandonment Party 2 have been critiqued by Kim! She has revealed flaws, exposed my laziest plot devices, and DEMANDED that I push this sequel to a level of excellence unheard of in the history of literature! We’ve had many conversations in person, over Zoom, and that antiquated device known as ‘the telephone.’ But now I am ready! Ready to perfect my next novel! Just like it says at the top of this web site. Continue reading

Free Days Complete! Ninjas and Christians Claimed Their Copies!

In case you missed the memo, I made Abandonment Party free to download from July 31st to August 4th. And if you are one of the people that downloaded the book let me start out by saying THANK YOU. I didn’t write this story so that I could keep it to myself. I want to reach out to individuals. I want to give you something fun to read as a temporary escape from society. (I’m a recluse, but I’ve heard society is quite annoying lately.) And yes, more books in the series are coming. Kim is reading over the sequel as I type this.

If you liked the book, don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon. People can’t make an informed choice with only two reviews! I mean, YOU did, but the book was free, ha,ha.

Or even better, come here and use the comments to tell me what I can do to make the next book EVEN MORE AMAZING. What do you want to see more of? What did I do wrong? I can improve on my own, but if you criticize me, I can improve faster! Or heck, if you spot a typo I can just go and fix the ebook right now! Isn’t technology grand?

But I digress! Let’s get back to how I set up this free promotion. As I said in the previous post, I cranked up the ad money so that more people on Amazon would see the book. And yet I wondered if there was more I could do to spread the word. That’s when I found this blog post:


Turns out this guy had the same idea I did! Zounds, we must be geniuses. I’ll sum up the article: there are places called “Facebook” and “Reddit.” (Yes I’ve heard of them, I’m just saying that for the people coming here 100 years in the future. Gotta think of them.) There are groups on those sites where people go to look for free books. Fascinating, right? I’m normally an internet recluse as well, but I made an account and dropped some posts. And here are the results: Continue reading

Fun With Ads: Harems, Romance, and Space Marines

I’ve been messing around with Amazon’s advertising systems this week. It is, indeed, interesting stuff! You can create a ‘campaign’ and then have it target certain keywords that users search for. Such as ‘science fiction,’ ‘cosmic horror,’ or ‘BEST BOOKS EVER.’

Then, when a customer searches using those terms and finds a product, your ad can just plop right onto that page! Provided you can win the bid, of course. Every popular keyword has a bidding range. But you’re not charged unless someone actually clicks on the ad.

So I created a campaign and plugged in 195 keywords and phrases. Every time someone clicked an ad those keywords popped up on a chart along with the COMPLETE phrase that the customer typed in. At the end of the week I had a long list of keywords:

Continue reading

Random Updates

Just some quick updates:

Abandonment Party 2: I’ve finished revising the first ten chapters; they are all caught up to my current skill level. I have also given a few things proper names so that they stand out more. I’m sending these chapters to Kim as I finish, so she can begin to fill up the document margins with her wonderful notes.

Advertising: I decided to play around with Amazon’s advertising options today. I can pay for ads to pop in under other books that customers are searching for. I’m only charged when people actually click on the ads, though. Interesting stuff. I probably shouldn’t spend too much money on this and just go right for the publishing companies, ha,ha.

Sales: There was a spike in sales on the 16th of July for some reason. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with that Bookviralreview site?

Ah, yes, that’s the one!

Remember, leave reviews for me; they really help. I mean, unless they’re bad reviews. 😅

Have a good weekend everyone!

Father’s Day Error

I gave Dad a couple of presents last Sunday: a candle and a plant. He returned the favor by finding an error in my book, Abandonment Party:

  • Mean laughed as she reached for the laptop’s handle. “No, and I just remembered that I left the front door open. I’ll come by that Stone Rory place later and tell you what I find.”

‘Laptop’ should be ‘lugtop.’ This book-wide switcheroo is a late change that Kim convinced me to make. She told me that ‘laptop’ wasn’t good enough. These were government-made computing machines, after all! Gifts for the abandoned. Unwieldly and heavy, but with the added benefit of superior battery life and transmission range.

Ah, they also have ANOTHER great feature:

Spoilers for chapter 10!

Spyware that records the personal activities of anyone using the device! (As if I had to make this a spoiler. You probably figured it out in the prologue. ‘Oh, the government is giving the settlers free laptops. Nothing strange there.’ 😑


So I named them all ‘lugtop’ to distinguish them from the ONE other different type of laptop computer that appears in the book.

So I fixed the error with the magic of online ebooks. I’m sure no one else noticed. Thank you, Father! Your endless criticism has finally come in handy! 😅


A New Journey Begins! Brad Versus 160,000 Books!

Well, it’s been a few days since the release. Let’s see how the ol’ Abandonment Party ranks on Amazon:

My, my! It ranks near one hundred sixty-eight thousand! I’ve heard that there are MILLIONS of books on Amazon, which means I’ve surpassed millions of other books without even one advertisement! And I’ve got stencils and window markers ready to put ABANDONMENT PARTY all over my truck windshield! Watch out, literary world!

Wait. What’s this? My book is being ranked in the SPACE MARINE category!? There aren’t any space marines in my book! Although Mackaba does mention his marine scooter once.

This can mean only one thing: BRAD VERSUS THE SPACE MARINES! I should have known it would come to this. Looks like I only have about a thousand marines to beat. Will Abandonment Party prevail? Or will Jim Raynor’s love for Kerrigan spur his troops to victory? I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

“I hope you brought enough Zerglings, boy!”

Abandonment Party!

Zounds, Abandonment Party is here! Go get it on Amazon!

Very nice!

Abandonment Party

After all these years the book is finally done! Look at what the power of the individual can do! All I needed was the help and support of a few close friends and family! Aaaaaand one of the world’s largest corporations. 😅

Ahem. I assume I can still edit the book if any problems arise. Just come leave a comment here if you find a missing exclamation point. Or if something in the story isn’t explained well enough. I can’t imagine how that would be the case, though. Kim was brutally efficient with her critiques… surely the general public can’t be any pickier than she is?