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Hi, I’m Brad, and I have a series of books that I want to write. So far, I’ve finished one novel. Yay. As I write the rest, I want to log my process on this site. Show people the methods I use. Why? Because I enjoy learning about writing fiction, and I wish every author was open with their processes. Sure, they can tell me that first drafts are supposed to be terrible–but who actually puts them up for people to study? Nobody, that’s who! When I go to authors’ sites all I see are completed works! And pictures of rats! It’s tough learning how to create something when I only have the finished product to observe.

So here’s the plan: For Abandonment Party 2 I have decided to put up the entire first draft for anyone to see. I have it finished, so I’ll post it in chapters. I’ll critique my own work, write the second draft for each part, and put the revised chapter up when I’m done. I’ll explain why I made any changes, discuss the music I used for inspiration–that sort of thing. If I can get even one person motivated enough to write a tiny little bit it will be worth it.

OH! I almost forgot–the first Abandonment Party story is up there to download. If you want to write a review I’ll put it up on this site. I’ll do it even if you tell me my story is a terrible pile of poop. But it isn’t. It’s amazing. It’s the best story I ever wrote. So let’s rock.


The second draft of Abandonment Party 2 has been completed! My current plan is to go through the first draft of book three before revising the second book any more. Why? Because everything is just so thrilling I have to write it down! YEAAAAH LITERATURE!

UPDATE!!! JULY 31st! 2017!

Oh whoops–I forgot to update this. But now I’m done with the first draft of Abandonment Party 3! The third draft of book two is also complete!

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