Abandonment Party 2 Update: December

I’m nearly done with the 4th draft of chapter 10. Not much action; it’s a bit of a breather chapter that introduces a new location and revisits an old one. I could say more, but….

Man, it’s getting tough to talk about this book without spoiling the plot. 😒

I mean, I COULD just spoil it. It’s the kind of thing that would be included in the Amazon summary anyway. So what should I do? How much should I reveal? I suppose I’ll ask any readers to voice their wishes in the comments below. And if I receive no comments then I’ll just keep doing whatever I want!

So until then I’ll just have to talk about the chapters in coded and annoying verse. Prepare yourself.

Occupied Vacancies:

Those that seek the forlorn truth are found without coin needed for passage;

The peasant discovers hope at the replenished trough;

One chain is brought to tension as four other links are bound together;

Mean wants an olive pizza. She will not have it.

Whew! I started this post in December, but working on that feat of literature took me all the way into January. That’s how the holidays go, I guess; you lose track of time and put your blog posts on pause while you play Bayonetta 3 that you got for Christmas. Whoops. Happy New Year everyone! 😅

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