The First Reader Review! Javier, the Speed Demon

Javier posted his Amazon review on July 4th, 2021. That means he read Abandonment Party before the professional BookViral review! I gotta hand it to you, man, you didn’t wait for society to tell you this novel was good! I respect that! So let’s take a look at what you wrote:

In the beginning, I was confused with the plot, but I decided to keep reading to see what was going on. I am glad I did. It left me wanting to know more about what is going to happen next. There are some plot holes at the moment, but I think that is to set up a second book.

In the first few chapters, the author is unnecessarily wordy, creating long descriptions of stuff that could be written in one sentence. For example, he describes all the steps the main female lead took to get her car moving forward from her running start position. Here is the event in one sentence: “Mean jumped behind the steering wheel, started the engine as Dark was getting into the car, and quickly gain speed.” 20 words vs. a long paragraph with 72 words describing the same action. However, halfway through, the author dropped that behavior, and that was when the story got great.


He gave the book five out of five stars, by the way. And Javier, thank you for taking the time to read all of it. I’m a total unknown, so you were probably nervous right? Thinking to yourself, “Does this Brad guy know what he’s doing? Is this story going to end up as one massive train wreck? Or are all of these interesting events going to follow their tracks until they make a smooth transition and combine into one, glorious, UNIFIED CLIMAX TRAIN!?”

Ahem. Now let’s discuss this review. You think I’m unnecessarily wordy in the first few chapters? Tell that to Kim! I’m always trying to convince her to cut pointless details and description out! She’ll get a kick out of this. But what scene are you referring to in your review? With Mean and Dark in her car? Is it this one:

“Crap!” Mean reached out of the car to drag Darklord in faster. He fell into the back seat and she turned to the controls. As she jammed on the dash buttons and brought her car to ignition, the low startup hum was drowned out by the rumbling of the other vehicle emerging from the police headquarters garage.

That’s pure car-starting poetry! Push those buttons, Mean! Mackaba is coming for you! Or did you mean a different scene, Javier? Please tell me in the comments if I got it wrong.

And you’re right about the supposed plot holes—I’m continuing this book series so there will be a few unresolved mysteries at this point. I have four novels planned so far. The next two books even have drafts done.

But wait. What if Javier found a TRUE plot hole!? One that could DESTROY the book series. Javier! I need to know! First find a place with internet access. Then make sure your laptop or tablet is fully charged. NEXT you must turn on the Kindle app, open Abandonment Party, and use the table of contents to navigate to the “Acknowledgements and Site Info” page! Now click on the link to this very site! HURRY! Find this post and TELL ME in the comments! And be as wordy as you possibly can! 😉

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