Abandonment Party 2 Update

30 chapters of Abandonment Party 2 have been critiqued by Kim! She has revealed flaws, exposed my laziest plot devices, and DEMANDED that I push this sequel to a level of excellence unheard of in the history of literature! We’ve had many conversations in person, over Zoom, and that antiquated device known as ‘the telephone.’ But now I am ready! Ready to perfect my next novel! Just like it says at the top of this web site.

I do have one final chapter and an epilogue left to send her. Then, after Kim provides her feedback, I will begin transforming the book from chapter one! For the better, most surely. 😅

To be honest, I was hoping for some reader feedback by now. I thought maybe some commenters would pop on here with some hopes about characters they’d like to see more of. (Or less.) Perhaps they’d tell me to stop writing characters that speak with bizarre, child-like dialog. But no one has come here! I wonder why?

Wait. I know why I haven’t received feedback. It’s because the readers trust me! They know Kim has set me on the correct path, and that I will concoct the perfect solutions to the problems she has brought forth!

Thank you, readers! To show my appreciation, I will make the first book free on Amazon this weekend! Hm? It’s a three-day weekend? Okay! All three days then! May 28-30! Tell your buddies! And don’t forget to review it after you’ve read it all! 😉

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