Abandonment Party 2 Update: September 2022

The first six chapters and prologue have been rewritten! Kim’s editing suggestions required MASSIVE restructuring, but the payoffs are definitely worth it.

For instance, there were previously no explosions or thrill-packed battles in the beginning chapters at ALL. What was I thinking, right? Then Kim suggested that I move up an event from the end of the book all the way to the beginning. I was a risky change, but adding an action-oriented event gave me a chance to remind returning readers who everyone is and what their abilities are. And yes, almost every main character from the first book takes part—even Tome! His non-verbal powers are finally unleashed.

There have also been adjustments to the story structure. In the first book, the protagonists were carried along by smaller events and antagonists until they eventually found out that there was one BIG event/antagonist in the works.

THIS time there will be a clear goal from the start. I recall the words of Javier, the first person to leave a review on Amazon: “In the beginning, I was confused with the plot, but I decided to keep reading to see what was going on. I am glad I did.

So next time you’ll know what the plot is, Javier. I suppose telling you right now would be spoilers, so let’s just say the goal will be related to the erasure of the planet’s population, and the mystery to find out exactly what happened. Thank you again for your feedback. 😁

I have also been working on adding far more amounts of ‘lore’ about the nations and peoples that existed on Overland before the disaster. The first six chapters of Abandonment Party 2 are just full of juicy details now. And new characters that make good use of this information, I might add. After all, I wouldn’t put in details unless they furthered the story or character development.

I believe that’s enough updating for now. If you want to suggest something for the next book, you know where to comment! Otherwise, I’ll just assume there are no problems or complaints! Farewell! 😉

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