Free Days Complete! Ninjas and Christians Claimed Their Copies!

In case you missed the memo, I made Abandonment Party free to download from July 31st to August 4th. And if you are one of the people that downloaded the book let me start out by saying THANK YOU. I didn’t write this story so that I could keep it to myself. I want to reach out to individuals. I want to give you something fun to read as a temporary escape from society. (I’m a recluse, but I’ve heard society is quite annoying lately.) And yes, more books in the series are coming. Kim is reading over the sequel as I type this.

If you liked the book, don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon. People can’t make an informed choice with only two reviews! I mean, YOU did, but the book was free, ha,ha.

Or even better, come here and use the comments to tell me what I can do to make the next book EVEN MORE AMAZING. What do you want to see more of? What did I do wrong? I can improve on my own, but if you criticize me, I can improve faster! Or heck, if you spot a typo I can just go and fix the ebook right now! Isn’t technology grand?

But I digress! Let’s get back to how I set up this free promotion. As I said in the previous post, I cranked up the ad money so that more people on Amazon would see the book. And yet I wondered if there was more I could do to spread the word. That’s when I found this blog post:

Turns out this guy had the same idea I did! Zounds, we must be geniuses. I’ll sum up the article: there are places called “Facebook” and “Reddit.” (Yes I’ve heard of them, I’m just saying that for the people coming here 100 years in the future. Gotta think of them.) There are groups on those sites where people go to look for free books. Fascinating, right? I’m normally an internet recluse as well, but I made an account and dropped some posts. And here are the results: Continue reading