AP2 Update: March 2023; Fun With ChatGPT

Update on Abandonment Party 2, chapter 12, 4th draft: Got it done; added all the intrigue and character-driven agency that Kim wanted. But this chapter was waaaaay too long. 26 pages. I found a good opportunity for a break and a DRAMATIC ending line, so I split it up into two chapters. Chapter 12 will be “Villan’s Legacy” and 13 will be “Prisoner.” Tell me what you think, even though you don’t know the contents of the text. Unless you’re Kim or Matt. Then you can tell me what you think of those titles. Unless you forgot what happened AGAIN, Matt.

Speaking of Matt, the 21st was his birthday! Congrats! You da best! I went out to eat with him and his sister to a public place called Westport Social. It’s kind of like a bar inside a warehouse with cruise ship party games spread around. Here’s a photo I took: Continue reading