Abandonment Party 2 Update: November

I’m nearly done with the 4th draft’s chapter nine. One last check through Kim’s margin notes and it should be good to go.

Did I mention there are way more characters in the second book? Double or triple the amount that were present in the first! Just keep in mind I’m terrible at math. OH! And minus Tyle, Dring, and Kates. I’m not saying those characters are done for good; just that they don’t have much of a purpose in this next story.

The rest of the main cast (Mean, Vornis, Dark, Darrow, Tome, Trisk) DOES return, and the new characters are designed to challenge the original group. Reveal new facets of their personalities. That sort of thing.

These new characters also tie in to what I mentioned in an earlier update: the cultural lore! Yes, the ‘new guys’ will have knowledge of the planet’s history! For instance, in chapter nine, a character with the initials ‘D.V.’ shows up. This character alone will:

  1. Introduce a new nation that existed.
  2. Reveal the mores and stigmas of this nation, which affected people like Parlay.
  3. Bring new technology into the story with weapons and items tied to the history of their home nation.
  4. Teach Vornis a valuable lesson about himself.

Exciting, right? And again, this cultural stuff WILL have a purpose to the story. The story of how the entire world was destroyed.

Well, I think that’s enough updating for now. So long!