Fun With Ads: Harems, Romance, and Space Marines

I’ve been messing around with Amazon’s advertising systems this week. It is, indeed, interesting stuff! You can create a ‘campaign’ and then have it target certain keywords that users search for. Such as ‘science fiction,’ ‘cosmic horror,’ or ‘BEST BOOKS EVER.’

Then, when a customer searches using those terms and finds a product, your ad can just plop right onto that page! Provided you can win the bid, of course. Every popular keyword has a bidding range. But you’re not charged unless someone actually clicks on the ad.

So I created a campaign and plugged in 195 keywords and phrases. Every time someone clicked an ad those keywords popped up on a chart along with the COMPLETE phrase that the customer typed in. At the end of the week I had a long list of keywords:

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Random Updates

Just some quick updates:

Abandonment Party 2: I’ve finished revising the first ten chapters; they are all caught up to my current skill level. I have also given a few things proper names so that they stand out more. I’m sending these chapters to Kim as I finish, so she can begin to fill up the document margins with her wonderful notes.

Advertising: I decided to play around with Amazon’s advertising options today. I can pay for ads to pop in under other books that customers are searching for. I’m only charged when people actually click on the ads, though. Interesting stuff. I probably shouldn’t spend too much money on this and just go right for the publishing companies, ha,ha.

Sales: There was a spike in sales on the 16th of July for some reason. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with that Bookviralreview site?

Ah, yes, that’s the one!

Remember, leave reviews for me; they really help. I mean, unless they’re bad reviews. 😅

Have a good weekend everyone!