AP2 Update: March 2024 ( Also: Unicorn Overlord and Superman)

Chapter 25, Draft 4: DONE.

Now let us bow our heads in silence as a tribute for Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball. He died on March 1st. I loved his works, and some of my own writing is inspired by him.

So this chapter is for you, man! It will be a thrilling battle for survival between enemies, friends, and rivals! And yes, this intro counts as being silent because I’m writing instead of speaking aloud. Here is the vague spoiler-free poem that describes the chapter:

Adversaries clash, as well as good buddies;

Peers will rumble and ward off monstrosities.

It’s an epic brawl worthy of Dragon Ball Z;

Akira Toriyama: this chapter’s for thee.

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