AP2 Update: January 2024 (Persona 5 Tactica/Cyberpunk 2077/Mega Man Battle Network)

Chapter 23, Draft 4: DONE.

Yeah, that’s how I should start these blog entries. Just hit you in the face with the chapter in bold followed by the status of DONE, BABY!

Funny thing back when I wrote draft 3: even though it’s the start of the book’s finale, I tossed out all of draft two and rewrote everything. It was almost a fit of madness. Because at this point Kim had read most of the book, her criticisms were mounting, and I was being driven to despair over the sheer amount of work that needed to be done. (Work that I have now completed.) But at the time it seemed like so much.

So all my feelings were UNLEASHED in this chapter. I put myself in the place of the protagonist and struggled against a seemingly-unwinnable situation! 😤

And here’s the summary of the chapter, in poem form!

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